Thursday, April 30, 2009

Finally !

i've been thinking of creating my own blog since last semester but only god knows how buzy i am. Entering first semester of foundation year at The One Academy was a bit shocking. The assignments given were UNSTOPPABLE and a lil bit of chaotic with my time management. But luckily my 2nd semester went pretty smooth and i felt great with lots of my artworks. Learned from my mistakes. And now i'm enjoying each and every second of my semester break hols. Assignments?...wah malasnyaaa...

For those who wanna know why i used MitaUmaru as my nickname, here's a little bit of a rationale. For your info, Umar Mita Al-Haj was the first person to translate Holy Quran to an authenticated Japanese version. He's an inspiration to me.

This semester break was quite fun. Whenever i went back to Perlis, there's always something for me to do. 1st thing was of course, my cybercafe. Lots of troubleshooting need to be done as i'm the only technician there. the pic,Hanging with friends is always one of the best thing to do in holidays. Well for me its a different case. Playing dota untill 5 am ? almost this will only happen if me and my friends are in holidays simultaneosly ) time i'll upload pictures me & my brother hiking..its really beatiful to see sunset and sunrise from the peak. Ah...time is never enough ! : )

Now i'm thinking of how next semester would be like. Will it be fine ? Will i be better ? hmm...only god knows...
OMG! Lifesketches???

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