Saturday, May 30, 2009


1st drama presentation went pretty well..
finally all those worries i felt every nite..
and all the practice we did in all those classes..
were repayed..
never expected to get an A..

oh well, i'll work harder for the next presentation..
congrats to justin's group..
you guys rock ! haha..

i always dreamt of 
being a director..
peoples like to watch movies..
but how many dreamed of making it?

something's wrong with modem..
no internet connection for these few days..
i'm updating this blog at McD PJ section 14..

we're really dependant on internet dont we?

went to watch terminator salvation yesterday..
with the whole bunch of cd088-3 duds..
wow..they're really close to each other..
sellwyn's attracted to a cute girl in that class..LOL
then ultraman( u chuan ) introduced sellwyn to that girl..
guess what happens...

so cd088-1, bile pulak kite?

some random pic

this pic was taken in 2006(i think)..
formerly i was active in firefighter club.. : )
we won the 2nd prize in marching competition(state level)..
just reminiscing some old memories.. 
: )

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Is There A Space Between You And Me?

it will never be..
you are closer to me than anything else..
closer than my own self..

you know me..
better than myself..

a step i'm near to you..
you'll be ten steps nearear to me..

if i walk to you..
you'll run to me..

you gotta know..
i'll die for you..
i never wanted anything else..
i'll rest in your arms..
till the end of my life..

( umar 0034 27/5/9 )

Sunday, May 24, 2009

of Black, hip hop music and Samurai

Afro Samurai 2007

Afro Samurai Resurrection (2009)

finished it last nite..
the fighting scene was awesome..
all the concepts very different..
a bit weird maybe..
storyline not bad..
most important is the music..haha..
it is so different from any anime out there..
overall nice..
worth watching..

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Samurai no Tamashi

' The Spirit of Samurai '

top kanji : Ai Ki Do 
lower top kanji : Samurai
mid hiragana : no
bottom kanji : Tamashi (soul)

finished this design last night..
comissioned by my brother..
he's the president of Aikido Club in UIA...
it's a tshirt design for the club..

all editing done in Photoshop and Illustrator..

for those who dont know what is Aikido,
it's a martial art from Japan..
no force used..
means ' The Harmony Way '

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cadillac Records

Last year's movie..
For those who like to know a lil bit history of blues, rock n roll..
and for those who like to hear some beautiful musics..
(I like beyonce's musics the most !)
: )
featuring artists : 
mos def
columbus short

very nice !


got an A for FEAR appearance,
after the 2nd trial tho..
now thinking how to workout the storyline..
for next week's assg...

amin kata nak datang umah kames malam..
overnite here..
he want me to install windows 7 on his laptop..
good god..
i'm tired of being alone..
although got Pak din,
Ust Muzakkir,
in this house,

but aiyo..
nak dinner skali pun susah..
makan alone is the most boring part..
: (


cuz hair too long..
after waking up..
from sleeping too long..

stoning on the bed..
feeling empty..
trying to stand up..
but hardly can..
looking in the mirror..
looking deeply into my eyes..
i can see myself now..
i can see who i really am..
an empty soul..
taking control of a body..
a body been liked by everybody..
but will they like me,
when they see me soul ?

that's exactly how i feel rite now..

and i know the only answer..
why i felt like that..

i'm really2 too far from HIM..

with broken wings..
I can't fly..
I'm gonna need you to save me..
angel of mine..

( chris cornell - Long Gone )

and now..
reCalibrating the Azimuth..

a poem about soul from YomiteAli
try it !

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of Windows 7

I tried the new Windows 7 beta on my laptop,
well, in case ya'll dont know what is windows 7,
it is the new microsoft operating system..
its actually some kind of improvement of Vista..
Microsoft have been receiving lots of comments on the vista..
so they analyse all those  critiques, bugs, suggestions..
and made this new windows 7 based on the things we said to them..haha
thats what i read ( correct me if i'm wrong )...

this new operating system should be friendly to the users..
and ya, i found it very friendly to me.. : )
dunno bout you... haha

although the one i have is just the beta version,
got a lil' bit bugs here and there..
i'm so impressed by the graphics and all the stuffs here..
it looks like vista but actually its a bit different..
the taskbar and the start menus are all different..

before this i just have original windows vista basic for my latop..
so i cant get the aero theme which i found the most interesting part bout vista..
but now, with windows 7..
i have all the effects running on my laptop and so far all very nice...
snapshots of my desktop :


one more thing i like bout 7 is they group each windows in one pane..
when you wanna choose which window you wanna view,
you just need to click the pane and have a small preview on every window you opened..
like this :

all the transparent glasses behind at the desktop are actually windows i opened..
the window showing on the desktop is the window i chose to preview on the pane by just pointing the mouse on it.. 
very sleek !!
: )

the new windows media player and media center..
: )

so for the conclusion..
is all i can say..haha
its just my taste !!

so for xp lovers out there...
try out the new windows..
you have nothing to lose..
the world is moving very fast you can't chase it..
but surely you can follow it's path..
: )

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Moo Moo !!

s'up guys !
for all dota/warcraft freaksz out there,
i would recommend a map for y'all to give it a try...

Moo Moo Map version 1.6

well, same concept...
defend your ancient ( Moo Moo )
build items for your heroes ( quite similar with dota )
but different enemies...
and LOTS of waves !!

c'mon !
Give it a try !
you have nothing to lose..

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The One Academy

There's no way for me to go..
I'm a long way away from home...
I wont go without a fight..
You'll never take me alive..

Build the fire inside the circle...
No retreat today...

( Chris Cornell - Take Me Alive )

Perlis Again ?

CC got prob..
need troubleshooting..
only me can do it?
aiyo..abg rahim pun x leh wat...
back at perlis AGAIN this weekend...
i guess thats y my mom give me my second name Muhajir (means traveller in arabic)..
really tired....
but somehow, im used to it oredy...

stucked in the bus for 8 hours..
without doin anything...
no earphones..
only a laptop that lasts 1h & 45 minutes...

but dont misunderstand me..
of course i luv my hometown... : )

recent 2008 movies watched :
-seven pounds
-body of lies
-step btothers
-yes man
lots more....

all very nice la...
my hd full oredy...
burned all those movies into dvds...
now got more space....

i thot this sem gonna be 7 weeks only...
: (

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Make Art Not Crime

haha...what do we have here.?
another banksy in front of vision art?
oh well, quite nice btw..

drama class with gary was quite syok !
Empty !
Fear !

S'up Maan ?

Just some regular update to let you guys know i'm still alive... : )

since it's early in the sem, the hell is still in its way..
so still have quite lots of free time..

Last nite i went swimming at Pantai Hillpark with my housemates
The pool was quite okay, nice landscape design,
Pak guard situ selambe gila..haha..
masuk wat x tau ja...
swam just for a while..

Feels so refreshing man !

okay so i've found a nice spot to slack off..
guys, join me next time !..haha

Perspective Studies was quite boring..
but i think im gonna like it...
Seamus Tan (sounds like seamus in harry potter, haha) was rather.................

okay, i wont say anything bad bout my lecturers,
x berkat dowh ilmu....
i respect him for his knowledge and his willingness to teach us...
he's quite good with lines...haha
feels like i'm in form 3 again.. : )

class finished, feels so hungry..pening nak makan apa ek?
not many choices here..
decided to go to raspberry...
heard eleena's laughing over sumthing..
okay i let out a few giggles after seeing it..haha

remembered me of my friend, Aqharie...hahaha
wei qari, x mau try ka?
haha.. lawak ja... jgn marah....

i came across my big brother's blog last nite..
new rhyme for my grandma...
that was really awesome man..
i can really feel it !

if you are searching for very nice and touching rhymes,
have a visit to his blog
currently he's studying Bachelor Of English in UIA or IIUM..
way to go bro !!
you're gonna have tonnes of visitors in the future..
keep the ryhmes flowing !

Just finished watching Meet Dave..
Damn nice ! haha..
yes it's last year's movie...
i'm kinda outdated
cuz i dont usually go to the cinema...

most of the 2008 movies i've downloaded now..
very nice dvd quality...
for FREE... : )

ok dont report me to the KPDNHEP( or whatever it is )...

ok some random picture..

this pic was taken on my birthday at kangar, perlis..
can you see the rainbow ?

lets just hope this sem will finish fast..haha
heard that we're gonna have five weeks off after it... o.0
quite surprised to hear it..

Monday, May 11, 2009

When The Time Comes...

9th of May 2009, 9:30 AM

-Arrived at my cousin's house in ipoh for her "Majlis Pertunangan". There's not much help i can offer. Just sit around and have a lil chat with my other cousins. After the meeting's over, we decided to leave after zuhur (approximately 2 pm). Slept all the way in the car....

7 PM

-When i opened my eyes we were already in PJ. Brought down all my stuffs into the house. My father stayed with me while my mother's with my sis at kerinchi. Cleaned myself and prayed.

9 PM

-We decided to have a family dinner at Old Town White Coffee near my sister's place (the kerinchi one). The Nasi Lemak Special which was my all-time favourite, was as awesome as usual. Haha. We stayed there untill 10:30PM. The wind was blowing sepoi-sepoi bahasa. haha. Also a nice thing to happen that nite. 

10th of May, 2 AM

- My Father fell asleep already. Since im not that sleepy yet,
 surfed the net for a while. Read all my friend's blog. 
The clock shows 2:30 AM now. Mata pun dah berat. 
Just when i'm about to fall asleep, my father came and wake me up. 
Felt lil shocked of course,... 

" Your grandma just passed away. 
Get yourself ready. We're going back to Perlis " 


i stoned for a while on my bed. Thinking, 
why must it happen now ?
in a short period of time, 
all the memories with my grandma flashed inside my head.
And now, the person is gone forever.
"Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihi raji'uun" 
(From god we came, and to Him we will go back)
i uttered that arabic phrase slowly..

3:30 AM

-After my brother arrived at Kerichi, we straight away head to Perlis with my mom's car.
Again, slept all the way....

9:30 Am

- Safely arrived at my grandma's place which was only about 300 metres from my house. It was already crowded by the neighbours and relatives. 
Stared at her face for the last time. No tears were shed. I'm prepared for this. and i know she doesnt want people to be sad for it. It's just a normal life cycle.

1 PM

- Finished with the "Pengebumian" process and "Talkin" prayers. 
We went home to have a lil rest. 
since both me and my brother have a class on the next day, we decided to get the earliest bus to KL. TIckets were finished at perlis, no other choice but to get it at Alor Star, Kedah.

2:30 PM

- Left home heading to Alor Star. Arrived there at 4 PM and luckily there's plenty of bus going to KL at that time. We bought the 4:30 PM tickets to KL...Ahh so tired !

11:30 PM

- Arrived PJ's home by taxi from Putra LRT's station, University. Nobody's home. They all went to Langkawi for a trip.
 OMG, damn tired !!.....   
lying on the bed thinking...

How does it feels like...?
When the angel of death is beside you,
and your soul is being apart from your body...slowly....
Leaving the rest of the world heading to a new place...

well, my grandma experienced it at the age of 94..
thats a pretty long time rite?
i hope you'll have a safe and peaceful journey to the new world...
i'll never forget all the advice you gave me,
i'll never forget all the bedtime stories u told me when i was a small kid,
i'll treasure it inside my heart...Forever...

Its a common thing i found that lots of people are afraid to talk about death..
Dont worry too much about it, it'll come to you whenever, wherever you are...
i remembered a quote,
" Work as if you're going to live forever, Pray as if you're going to die tomorrow "

So if  you're asking me, 
I want you to know...

When my time comes,
Forget the wrongs that i've done,
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed,
Dont resent me when you're feeling empty,
Keep me in your memory,
Leave out all the rest....

( Leave out all the rest-Linkin Park )

too tired...peh..
late for the first class..
thats not a good start... : (

Need some strengths for the coming days..

Friday, May 8, 2009

..I Promise It's Not Goodbye..

Heard from eleena our class gonna be seperated.
only me, eleena, balqis, and jenny...surely we can survive together : )
quite eager to know who's our new classmate..

For the results,
Eugene told me i got 
Straight B+

I dont give a shyt bout the results. 
of course it's better than last sem.
Seriously, we're artists. Who would care  about it. 
You're not gonna  show your results to get an employment in the future.
Its your artworks that matters the most..

For Eugene and Chong Lin, i hope everything goes well this time.
and Sellwyn also..ha2 seperate jugak class kite ye...
But dont worry guys, Our yumcha at maple and dota session will just be the same : )

as for the title of this post, its the title of one of chris cornell's new song. Try it!
cant wait to see you guys !

Thursday, May 7, 2009


As you can see the title, i think only DOTA freaks know what is it. For those who never played DOTA , Balanar or his second name Nightstalker, is a hero who's very active when the night comes. He runs very fast and usually go hunting at night. Well, i dont usually use that hero while playing but somehow i like him. : )

Maybe becasue we have a lil' bit similarities. 
Honestly i tell you, i like nights ( not Tenjo Naito in Zettai Kareshi.. :D ) more than anytime else. Not that i hate daytime or what. But for me it seems like the air, the feeling, the surrounding, and everything else become calmer than it used to be. Chatting and lepaking with your friends also very relaxing. And the best part is Stargazing! 

I stay awake very late and i bet half the teenagers of my generation do the same thing. I know the society is looking down on us. I Know its not good to sleep in the morning. I'm  trying to be better.


Last night me and Aqharie slim went to the flyover near our hideout. Getting some fresh air but the clouds were covering the stars : (   we do a bit of photoshooting. In my place, after midnight you can rarely see any cars on the road o.0...

                                                Aqharie and his phone


Dont worry bout me... : )

Slim and his Scooter

dont like this face? Just ignore it... : )

Only a few days left for me to enjoy the holiday. Well, i guess i'll bE going back to kl same day with jenny : ) This saturday..

See you guys there!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Long Live CD 0881 !!

Fuyoh Nad, this is Awesome !! captures the trademarks of each person ! wahaha...

I think it is so obvious which 1 is me. LOL..


Last week, me and my big brother went hiking at Bukit Sami, Kangar. We took quite a lot pictures but suddenly the sd memory card is full. My father snapped alot of pics at his School's program. using almost 90% of the space inside it. So i decided to use the internal memory. Opened the card slot, extract it & put it in my pocket. 

So the photoshooting went well & we went home after the sunset. I'm driving the car and on the way home my brother viewed all the pics the 2nd time. Then he asked me (in northern slang),

"Mai nak tengok sat gambaq dalam memory card tu"
"Sat," i said

i tried to search for it in my pocket but it seems like the card is not there. Being damn worried i stopped the car and checked on & under the driver seat. It is nowhere to find!! 

Holy Shyeet !! I lost it !!
OMG how bout my dad's pictures inside the card? ahhh...
then my brother said to me with his calm face,

"Tak pa la, biaq la. Sok kita cari lain"  

So i continued driving and i know anything happens for a reason. Arrived home & told my father bout it. He didnt went mad. Luckily this house is full of calm people. Haha. We went to search for the card the next day but the card's untraceable. Nvm, this is life. A test from god as a reminder.

Do i remember god just when anything bad happens to me? oh KamiSama, Orewa yurusaretai desu ! 

BTW, cakap banyak pulak. Gambarnya mana?!!

                                                        My big brother.


                                             The sunset

Btw, thanks aniki for the rhymes you created for my birthday. Visit his blog to see it.
Thats all the pictures of us on the peak. Remember my group's print ad for pinky's last presentation? its the same spot. : ) 

cuti dah nak abes!! waaahhh...

Friday, May 1, 2009

I'm 19 !

Thank you list :

my family:
my eldest sis ( she wished me in mandarin !! LOL)

Win loon (1st person to wish me after my family, appreciate that dud!!)

Izzat Ibrahim
Fathi Baik

Aqharie Slim

CC Staff:
Kak Nadia

Tell me if ur name's not up there. I could've just write down all fellow TOA'ians, Matrians, STB'ians and others, THANK YOU !!. But i'd like to make it personal. Its nicer like that rite?. Imma keep the names in this blog to really thank you guys for the wishes. It feels really motivating when u know lots of people remembers you on your own birthday. So thanks again guys !

No cakes for this year's birthday. I prefer beef steaks more LOL.. went for dinner together with my family at Repoh Kopitiam. Dukacitanya my sister is not there cuz her semester's not over yet. Have some westerns and satays. My fav though..haha

So Who's Next ?
: )