Thursday, December 31, 2009

Garena Cybercafe Alliance (GCA)

GigaZone Cybercafe dah berdaftar dengan GCA (garena Cybercafe Alliance) .

Sapa2 yg nak log in as GARENA GOLD MEMBER boleh la bawak member ramai2 datang ke sini.

lokasi : hadapan MNZ futsal, Jejawi. Arau, Perlis.

No more full rooms. 2times more experience. =)

and lots more benefits!

Game Server successfully installed.

Game Server for GigaZone Cybercafe was successfully installed yesterday!
this cpu designed specially for network storing, uses the 'iScuzzy' system.
It delivers data through the network tremendously fast. Sometimes, even faster than running from your own hars disk !
the current server's motherboard is capable to support up to 40 pc's(actually alot for it's price).

so heads up! alot more games coming! =)

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Graphic Cards on sale

on sale 9 pcs of nvidia geforce 8500. tell me if you're interested. Im giving the lowest price!