Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Been using this software to do maintenance for the cybercafe.
what does it offer?

By using it, you can remotely control a pc everywhere around the world without a hassle. all you need is the pc's mac address, (which the software will detect automatically when you install it to your computer) a password, and internet connection. the best part is it gives you full control and alot more settings you can configure.

The game server at my cybercafe doesn't have any keyboard, mouse or even a monitor. So the only way for me to do any changes or updates, is by using this software lah. Its not that i dont want to put any of those things but for security reason, its better this way. The only person who can access the game server is me since i'm the only one who knows the password. No more worries. Gives me a peace of mind.

So how bout giving it a try? surely it will aid you in solving yours and other's problems =)