Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dominance, power, growth, or sensuality, elegance and a serene sense of balance ?

making use of lines - can be used to lead the eye to the point of interest. can emphasize on distance or illustrate relationship between background and foreground.
- vertical lines - dominance, power , and growth
- horizontal lines - peace, calmness and sense of restfullness. can be successful in generating patterns or rhythm
- diagonal lines - actions, stimulation and depth. the best way to present them is
- curved lines - sensuality, elegance and a serene sense of balance
- converging lines - add certain flow or depth. also add a sense of distance or scale. position your subject near converging line for a stronger impact

Those are some of the notes i jotted down during photography class. Very useful i have to admit.
so hopefully by sharing this knowledge, we can improve more !
I really love photography! my favourite subject this semester ahha
peace! =)

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