Thursday, November 18, 2010

truth kills..

ignorance is bliss..
curiosity killed the cat..
now i'm beginning to understand more of these proverbs..

but i cant help it..
i'm curious..
i'd rather die in agony knowing the truth than live happily with lies..
and this curiosity itself killed me from inside..
killing me to know every single detail about it..

today, another ugly truth was revealed..
and i'm not sure how am i gonna live with it..
and i'm not sure who to trust anymore..

i know its my fault all along the way since the beginning..
hard to accept this awful truth..
hard to stop these tears of regrets..

Allah, give me strength.
make me strong.
Forgive my sins.
take me away.
put me into your Jannah.


dates.trees said...

may Allah ease you..
in everything..
and anything..

mitaUMARu said...

thanks dates, much appreciated.. =)