Monday, April 25, 2011

Himega 2011

"Nurtutring Alim Mujahid"

A short video presentation for the opening gimmick of HiMega 2011
Shot and Edited by Umar Mita.

Credits to :
Ali Husni Shariati
Umar Ismail
Najmi AR
Adam Kadir

Music : If I Rise by Dido & A.R. Rahman
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Tok Esah said...

nice one bro!!!

Hanif Ismail said...

gud umar...

UmarMita said...

thanks aniep & tok esah

Anonymous said...

Toa student ? wah so niceee.
i hope can futher at toa too.
Nice. Keep it up! :)'

UmarMita said...

yup. thanks :)

Shoot.786 said...

Nice One uma ^^ 1st time on ur blog.
suggested by my friend.
Need to learn from you :)