Friday, December 28, 2012

Blankets of Night

I have a deep affection with this place in my hometown. 
It is so beautiful no matter day or night. 
Last Ramadhan, me, my brother and my friends decided to go stargazing
for the few last nights of the holy month. 
I have to admit those nights were the most beautiful nights in my life.
The sky was so clear filled with so many stars! I have never seen them that many! 
And we can even see Milkyway with our own eyes. Subhanallah. God is great.
These pictures are definitely not enough to show how amazing the memories are.
Till then, hopefully we'll meet again, Ramadhan.
This set is the last set on my blog for 2012. A great year with so many unforgettable memories.
I hope you guys enjoyed this set and hopefully 2013 will bring more meaning and success to us all.

"There wouldn't be a sky full of stars if we were all meant to wish on the same one."
- Frances Clark

Pictures are all by Umar Mita


nusrah said...

Salam Umar, can I share your photo on tumblr?

oh!mj said...

lovely milky way.
gambar semua power2.
great job UM :)

fais yusuf said...


50cent said...

mohon izin to save some of those pics. i just some-kind of use it for desktop background, etc. just fall in love with the pic. hope u didnt mind. or else, i'm willing delete it. tq

LightsOfHonesty said...

SubhanaAllah cantiknyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :)

Zara AB said...

MasyaAllah. This is super awesome. Speechless. Love the colors as well.

Anonymous said...

Love all this pictures..mohon share ye UM..

FM said...

Tahniah, gambar-gambar milky way yang mantap!

Anonymous said...

mohon share jugak ye umar...:)
btw,where is this place?

Shaqir Ir Manz said...


RR said...

awesome lah bro! teruja aku!

S said...

jatuh cinta,
pandang pertama,
tapi entah pada apa,
gila kalau saja suka,
tapi itu..jatuh cinta.

Akmal Khalidah said...