Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ice Skating : )

24/7/2009 - 4:oo pm

another plan to fill out our free time after the sem ended =)
me, sellwyn, eleena and square went to try out ice skating at the Sunway Pyramid's Ice Rink

pics :

Sellwyn, Eleena, Square

lepak2 during break..

Sellwyn, Eleena, Me

well, all of us were first timers except for square..
he's more experienced .. : )
he brought us the gloves and guided us on these things..
thanx square..haha

its a good experience btw..
eventhough i fell quite many times.. =)
every pros started from noobies..hehe
kesian sellwyn, jatuh byk kali..haha
sorry eleena i made you fall that time.. : )
i know it hurts..
our pants and shirts were all wet..
a very nice memory to remember..=)

the skating shoes somehow remembered me bout the marching boots i used to wear to march for firefighter club during my times at MATRI back then =)..
its very hard and high cut but not as high as the marching boot la..

ahh.. i miss the cold air running through my face when we're skating inside the rink..haha
i feel like going there again.. : )


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