Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Night Stroll..

Quote by Raymon Inmond.

Last week me, Najmi, Radhi , and Ahmed decided to go for a night walk.
well actually we're planning to go for dinner to the nearest restaurant.
without hesitating, i pleaded others to join the walk. (it was actually najmi's idea)
i've always liked night stroll.
i love the atmosphere, the air, and all the neon lights.
and i kinda like how the roads in shah alam looked during night time.
just plain beautiful.
we talked about many things along the journey.
it was so refreshing.
and inspiring.
feels so good inhaling deep cool and fresh night air.
feels awesome to witness these beautiful sights.
i wonder how life would be like if Allah took all this ni'mah away from me...
thank you Allah.
for everything.

pic shot at sec3 shah alam.

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