Saturday, June 13, 2009

Are you ready?

just now i watched the death of my secondary school senior reported by TV3..
he died in a car accident at Cairo otw back home from Ain Sokhna..
He went furthering his study there in medic...
Ammar Zulkifli..
when i was in form 1 he's in form 3..
his brother were in the same class with me..
what a bright soul he had back then..
and now he left us forever..
semoga Allah menempatkan rohnya di kalangan orang2 yg beriman..

recently there's been a few numbers of death of ppl i knew..
my grandma..
arwah Umi Halimahton..( my B.m. teacher during form 3 and form 5 )
arwah Ammar Zulkifli..
arwah Mohsin ( also my secondary school senior )

May god bless'em all...

who knows..
maybe the next second will be my time..
am i prepared?
am i ready?
are you ready?

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