Thursday, June 4, 2009

I'm a MAN, I'm a M - A - N..

oh finally..
the magic if presentation is over..
what an amazing grace !..
i guess i couldn't get the worries out of my head untill the show's done..
well, i think i practised harder from the last time..
and my group members practised harder than me.. =)
guys, i'm sorry if you're not easy with my flow..
sometimes i feel so selfish to be the main character..
but thanks for letting me be me...
special thanks to : 
anar - although you're always late for practice, but once you're there..things turn completely exciting..haha
square - thanks for lending your precious time..we know you gotta leave early..haha
Eleena - sorry for coming with this idea..sorry for the irreplaceable and scream did very well !..haha..
the idea of this storyline was inspired from my brother's rhyme, I Want Her But I Dont Need Her
i thot the hiccup in the middle of our drama(the windows media player's not responding) is not gonna let our group get an A..
thanks Gary !
hope you guys wont regret grouping wimme..

okay what's next..
this one wont be easy as before...
i'll practice even harder..
wont let my hopes go so high..
just gonna be ready to get whatever i got..
jenny, jonny, mr.lee, k.s., 
lets do this !

looks like i'm really enjoying drama class..
its like you've found something you're searching for..

bad news - modem sent to the company back..
have to wait 2-3 weeks to get it back..
what the flying duck !.. shoot !
this is cheap shit mon..
not really cheap, rm 190 dowh..haih
i guess it's better if i get the BELKIN wireless modem router back then..
rm 220 though..but at least it wont go wrong on nothing like this..
if you guys are searching for a very good wifi modem router, 
i'm recommending BELKIN..its the best (for me)

but right now i have to thank McD PJ section14..
for the wifi internet..haha
: )

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