Saturday, May 30, 2009


1st drama presentation went pretty well..
finally all those worries i felt every nite..
and all the practice we did in all those classes..
were repayed..
never expected to get an A..

oh well, i'll work harder for the next presentation..
congrats to justin's group..
you guys rock ! haha..

i always dreamt of 
being a director..
peoples like to watch movies..
but how many dreamed of making it?

something's wrong with modem..
no internet connection for these few days..
i'm updating this blog at McD PJ section 14..

we're really dependant on internet dont we?

went to watch terminator salvation yesterday..
with the whole bunch of cd088-3 duds..
wow..they're really close to each other..
sellwyn's attracted to a cute girl in that class..LOL
then ultraman( u chuan ) introduced sellwyn to that girl..
guess what happens...

so cd088-1, bile pulak kite?

some random pic

this pic was taken in 2006(i think)..
formerly i was active in firefighter club.. : )
we won the 2nd prize in marching competition(state level)..
just reminiscing some old memories.. 
: )

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