Friday, May 8, 2009

..I Promise It's Not Goodbye..

Heard from eleena our class gonna be seperated.
only me, eleena, balqis, and jenny...surely we can survive together : )
quite eager to know who's our new classmate..

For the results,
Eugene told me i got 
Straight B+

I dont give a shyt bout the results. 
of course it's better than last sem.
Seriously, we're artists. Who would care  about it. 
You're not gonna  show your results to get an employment in the future.
Its your artworks that matters the most..

For Eugene and Chong Lin, i hope everything goes well this time.
and Sellwyn also..ha2 seperate jugak class kite ye...
But dont worry guys, Our yumcha at maple and dota session will just be the same : )

as for the title of this post, its the title of one of chris cornell's new song. Try it!
cant wait to see you guys !

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