Monday, May 11, 2009

When The Time Comes...

9th of May 2009, 9:30 AM

-Arrived at my cousin's house in ipoh for her "Majlis Pertunangan". There's not much help i can offer. Just sit around and have a lil chat with my other cousins. After the meeting's over, we decided to leave after zuhur (approximately 2 pm). Slept all the way in the car....

7 PM

-When i opened my eyes we were already in PJ. Brought down all my stuffs into the house. My father stayed with me while my mother's with my sis at kerinchi. Cleaned myself and prayed.

9 PM

-We decided to have a family dinner at Old Town White Coffee near my sister's place (the kerinchi one). The Nasi Lemak Special which was my all-time favourite, was as awesome as usual. Haha. We stayed there untill 10:30PM. The wind was blowing sepoi-sepoi bahasa. haha. Also a nice thing to happen that nite. 

10th of May, 2 AM

- My Father fell asleep already. Since im not that sleepy yet,
 surfed the net for a while. Read all my friend's blog. 
The clock shows 2:30 AM now. Mata pun dah berat. 
Just when i'm about to fall asleep, my father came and wake me up. 
Felt lil shocked of course,... 

" Your grandma just passed away. 
Get yourself ready. We're going back to Perlis " 


i stoned for a while on my bed. Thinking, 
why must it happen now ?
in a short period of time, 
all the memories with my grandma flashed inside my head.
And now, the person is gone forever.
"Inna Lillahi Wa inna ilaihi raji'uun" 
(From god we came, and to Him we will go back)
i uttered that arabic phrase slowly..

3:30 AM

-After my brother arrived at Kerichi, we straight away head to Perlis with my mom's car.
Again, slept all the way....

9:30 Am

- Safely arrived at my grandma's place which was only about 300 metres from my house. It was already crowded by the neighbours and relatives. 
Stared at her face for the last time. No tears were shed. I'm prepared for this. and i know she doesnt want people to be sad for it. It's just a normal life cycle.

1 PM

- Finished with the "Pengebumian" process and "Talkin" prayers. 
We went home to have a lil rest. 
since both me and my brother have a class on the next day, we decided to get the earliest bus to KL. TIckets were finished at perlis, no other choice but to get it at Alor Star, Kedah.

2:30 PM

- Left home heading to Alor Star. Arrived there at 4 PM and luckily there's plenty of bus going to KL at that time. We bought the 4:30 PM tickets to KL...Ahh so tired !

11:30 PM

- Arrived PJ's home by taxi from Putra LRT's station, University. Nobody's home. They all went to Langkawi for a trip.
 OMG, damn tired !!.....   
lying on the bed thinking...

How does it feels like...?
When the angel of death is beside you,
and your soul is being apart from your body...slowly....
Leaving the rest of the world heading to a new place...

well, my grandma experienced it at the age of 94..
thats a pretty long time rite?
i hope you'll have a safe and peaceful journey to the new world...
i'll never forget all the advice you gave me,
i'll never forget all the bedtime stories u told me when i was a small kid,
i'll treasure it inside my heart...Forever...

Its a common thing i found that lots of people are afraid to talk about death..
Dont worry too much about it, it'll come to you whenever, wherever you are...
i remembered a quote,
" Work as if you're going to live forever, Pray as if you're going to die tomorrow "

So if  you're asking me, 
I want you to know...

When my time comes,
Forget the wrongs that i've done,
Help me leave behind some reasons to be missed,
Dont resent me when you're feeling empty,
Keep me in your memory,
Leave out all the rest....

( Leave out all the rest-Linkin Park )

too tired...peh..
late for the first class..
thats not a good start... : (

Need some strengths for the coming days..

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