Sunday, May 3, 2009


Last week, me and my big brother went hiking at Bukit Sami, Kangar. We took quite a lot pictures but suddenly the sd memory card is full. My father snapped alot of pics at his School's program. using almost 90% of the space inside it. So i decided to use the internal memory. Opened the card slot, extract it & put it in my pocket. 

So the photoshooting went well & we went home after the sunset. I'm driving the car and on the way home my brother viewed all the pics the 2nd time. Then he asked me (in northern slang),

"Mai nak tengok sat gambaq dalam memory card tu"
"Sat," i said

i tried to search for it in my pocket but it seems like the card is not there. Being damn worried i stopped the car and checked on & under the driver seat. It is nowhere to find!! 

Holy Shyeet !! I lost it !!
OMG how bout my dad's pictures inside the card? ahhh...
then my brother said to me with his calm face,

"Tak pa la, biaq la. Sok kita cari lain"  

So i continued driving and i know anything happens for a reason. Arrived home & told my father bout it. He didnt went mad. Luckily this house is full of calm people. Haha. We went to search for the card the next day but the card's untraceable. Nvm, this is life. A test from god as a reminder.

Do i remember god just when anything bad happens to me? oh KamiSama, Orewa yurusaretai desu ! 

BTW, cakap banyak pulak. Gambarnya mana?!!

                                                        My big brother.


                                             The sunset

Btw, thanks aniki for the rhymes you created for my birthday. Visit his blog to see it.
Thats all the pictures of us on the peak. Remember my group's print ad for pinky's last presentation? its the same spot. : ) 

cuti dah nak abes!! waaahhh...

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