Wednesday, May 13, 2009

S'up Maan ?

Just some regular update to let you guys know i'm still alive... : )

since it's early in the sem, the hell is still in its way..
so still have quite lots of free time..

Last nite i went swimming at Pantai Hillpark with my housemates
The pool was quite okay, nice landscape design,
Pak guard situ selambe gila..haha..
masuk wat x tau ja...
swam just for a while..

Feels so refreshing man !

okay so i've found a nice spot to slack off..
guys, join me next time !..haha

Perspective Studies was quite boring..
but i think im gonna like it...
Seamus Tan (sounds like seamus in harry potter, haha) was rather.................

okay, i wont say anything bad bout my lecturers,
x berkat dowh ilmu....
i respect him for his knowledge and his willingness to teach us...
he's quite good with lines...haha
feels like i'm in form 3 again.. : )

class finished, feels so hungry..pening nak makan apa ek?
not many choices here..
decided to go to raspberry...
heard eleena's laughing over sumthing..
okay i let out a few giggles after seeing it..haha

remembered me of my friend, Aqharie...hahaha
wei qari, x mau try ka?
haha.. lawak ja... jgn marah....

i came across my big brother's blog last nite..
new rhyme for my grandma...
that was really awesome man..
i can really feel it !

if you are searching for very nice and touching rhymes,
have a visit to his blog
currently he's studying Bachelor Of English in UIA or IIUM..
way to go bro !!
you're gonna have tonnes of visitors in the future..
keep the ryhmes flowing !

Just finished watching Meet Dave..
Damn nice ! haha..
yes it's last year's movie...
i'm kinda outdated
cuz i dont usually go to the cinema...

most of the 2008 movies i've downloaded now..
very nice dvd quality...
for FREE... : )

ok dont report me to the KPDNHEP( or whatever it is )...

ok some random picture..

this pic was taken on my birthday at kangar, perlis..
can you see the rainbow ?

lets just hope this sem will finish fast..haha
heard that we're gonna have five weeks off after it... o.0
quite surprised to hear it..

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