Thursday, May 21, 2009


got an A for FEAR appearance,
after the 2nd trial tho..
now thinking how to workout the storyline..
for next week's assg...

amin kata nak datang umah kames malam..
overnite here..
he want me to install windows 7 on his laptop..
good god..
i'm tired of being alone..
although got Pak din,
Ust Muzakkir,
in this house,

but aiyo..
nak dinner skali pun susah..
makan alone is the most boring part..
: (


cuz hair too long..
after waking up..
from sleeping too long..

stoning on the bed..
feeling empty..
trying to stand up..
but hardly can..
looking in the mirror..
looking deeply into my eyes..
i can see myself now..
i can see who i really am..
an empty soul..
taking control of a body..
a body been liked by everybody..
but will they like me,
when they see me soul ?

that's exactly how i feel rite now..

and i know the only answer..
why i felt like that..

i'm really2 too far from HIM..

with broken wings..
I can't fly..
I'm gonna need you to save me..
angel of mine..

( chris cornell - Long Gone )

and now..
reCalibrating the Azimuth..

a poem about soul from YomiteAli
try it !

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