Thursday, May 7, 2009


As you can see the title, i think only DOTA freaks know what is it. For those who never played DOTA , Balanar or his second name Nightstalker, is a hero who's very active when the night comes. He runs very fast and usually go hunting at night. Well, i dont usually use that hero while playing but somehow i like him. : )

Maybe becasue we have a lil' bit similarities. 
Honestly i tell you, i like nights ( not Tenjo Naito in Zettai Kareshi.. :D ) more than anytime else. Not that i hate daytime or what. But for me it seems like the air, the feeling, the surrounding, and everything else become calmer than it used to be. Chatting and lepaking with your friends also very relaxing. And the best part is Stargazing! 

I stay awake very late and i bet half the teenagers of my generation do the same thing. I know the society is looking down on us. I Know its not good to sleep in the morning. I'm  trying to be better.


Last night me and Aqharie slim went to the flyover near our hideout. Getting some fresh air but the clouds were covering the stars : (   we do a bit of photoshooting. In my place, after midnight you can rarely see any cars on the road o.0...

                                                Aqharie and his phone


Dont worry bout me... : )

Slim and his Scooter

dont like this face? Just ignore it... : )

Only a few days left for me to enjoy the holiday. Well, i guess i'll bE going back to kl same day with jenny : ) This saturday..

See you guys there!

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