Tuesday, May 19, 2009

of Windows 7

I tried the new Windows 7 beta on my laptop,
well, in case ya'll dont know what is windows 7,
it is the new microsoft operating system..
its actually some kind of improvement of Vista..
Microsoft have been receiving lots of comments on the vista..
so they analyse all those  critiques, bugs, suggestions..
and made this new windows 7 based on the things we said to them..haha
thats what i read ( correct me if i'm wrong )...

this new operating system should be friendly to the users..
and ya, i found it very friendly to me.. : )
dunno bout you... haha

although the one i have is just the beta version,
got a lil' bit bugs here and there..
i'm so impressed by the graphics and all the stuffs here..
it looks like vista but actually its a bit different..
the taskbar and the start menus are all different..

before this i just have original windows vista basic for my latop..
so i cant get the aero theme which i found the most interesting part bout vista..
but now, with windows 7..
i have all the effects running on my laptop and so far all very nice...
snapshots of my desktop :


one more thing i like bout 7 is they group each windows in one pane..
when you wanna choose which window you wanna view,
you just need to click the pane and have a small preview on every window you opened..
like this :

all the transparent glasses behind at the desktop are actually windows i opened..
the window showing on the desktop is the window i chose to preview on the pane by just pointing the mouse on it.. 
very sleek !!
: )

the new windows media player and media center..
: )

so for the conclusion..
is all i can say..haha
its just my taste !!

so for xp lovers out there...
try out the new windows..
you have nothing to lose..
the world is moving very fast you can't chase it..
but surely you can follow it's path..
: )

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