Wednesday, June 17, 2009

TIMGAI ???!!!!!!!!!!!!..............or tin kai..? haha

so today is wednesday..
my fav day of this sem..
kerna ada kelas drama yg aku enjoy sungguh2..

today's thang :

creative speaking (non stop for at least 30 seconds ) :
-scold someone
-express love
-show excitement

Appearance :
-suppress anger
-release anger

scold, release anger..
aku men jerit2 mcm orang gila..
then tiba2 cry in the middle of the class for the love part..
then continue shouting for excitement..
walao..this is hardcore shit mann..
it was so tiring..
but A for all of them..
so that got me hyped until the class ends..

Watched blood the last vampire..
seems like theres no good critique for it at all..
kesiannya producer and all the crews..

peace !

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