Thursday, June 11, 2009

Take Too Much To Touch It

i did work harder..
and so did my teammates..

my mom once said to me;

success is 99% diligence..
and 1% intelligence..

i guess its true..

didnt really expect much from our drama presentation..
but i just dont care...just work harder mon !..
so here we go..
another A...
thanx :
Jon, Jenny, Mrlee, KaiSin..

storyline developing was such a headache..
but payed..

our drama class was pain oriented..
so yeah...
gary's so generous..
haha..most of the ppl in the class got A..

so whats next?
whatever la...

an old friend at Giatmara,
Basyer/ baser...
haha..apa dah jadi kat mamat ni aku pun x tau..

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