Sunday, June 28, 2009

Syed Ahmad Fathi, Dosvidanya !

you've finally made it !
i'm happy for you !
Goodbye my dear friend..
Study well there..
we're gonna miss you here..

at KLIA with Fathi = )

the whole bunch of our batch

Abu ngan Anas sedih.. = (

Selamat Belajar di Russia !
Dosvidanya !!
(goodbye in russian,thanks to Anar..haha)

after the departure we have a small reunion.. =)
but i dont have the pic..
nanti la mintak kat amin..


1 comment:

Fathi Baik said...


Спосибо Я рад тебя видеть
В аэропортую

(Thanks I’m very glad seeing you
In the airport)

Sori..aku baru baca post nih.